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by artflou


by artflou

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gingerhaole said: Take yourself some flu meds and a drowsy allergy pill. The allergy pill is harmless, will probably help your stuffy head, and force you to sleep at least 6 hours. Feel better, babe!

I just took a huge 1200 mg mucinex tablet, so lords of the pharmaceutical
realm lend me your strength.
I also downed the last of my Watson tea. Probably my favorite blend. Gonna have to restock. 
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Last night was awful in terms of I have a cold and I couldn’t breathe so I didn’t sleep. 

I’m stressed about not being in office at work that I am waking up normally, despite the fact that I’m bone achingly exhausted, and working.

I’m no doctor but I feel like stress is not helping my antibodies fight off this gd virus. 

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Inktober day14 - Punkin ghost!


Inktober day14 - Punkin ghost!

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Recently, My boyfriend finally made some of his short stories public and created a wordpress for his work. He has a really great story going now called the tale of Ayla (which now has a part two, and hopefully more to come!). It’s about a little girl who decides she’s going to stand and fight to…

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